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The Original HHP
The Original Herpes Home Page was founded in 1995 for the purpose of providing 
anonymous support relating to this unfairly stigmatized disease.

Herpes and HPV, also known as genital warts, are very common infectious diseases, but there is a surprising lack of information available about it, and an equal lack of "heart" in dealing with it. In 1995 a friend suggested that there was a need for a "Herpes Home Page" based on responses he had from several newsgroups. So here it is with coverage of HPV as well.

There are the usual things here associated with a herpes information center, including alternative treatments for herpes. We strive  to create a sense of community among people who share a common problem, herpes; to provide support, understanding, a place to exchange feelings about herpes and ideas and maybe even a laugh or two...Let us know what you would like to see--we will do research; make links, etc. Feel free to also suggest sites that you may think that others will find interesting or informative.  Just let us know!! 

Support and information forums
This is where the real "action" is at HHP.

Get the Free Herpes Handbook
from the Westover Heights Clinic
Terri Warren answers your questions
at the Westover Heights Clinic forum 
CDC page about Genital Herpes Tips for Telling a Prospective Partner
Find Herpes Friendly doctors
Check our list for one near you.

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