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Diagnosis and Testing

Our new HSV-1 Awareness page. Thanks to Guest2 for getting this going.

HHP summary of testing information Our own quick and easy testing page

Focus Diagnostics,  HerpeSelect type specific blood test.

If it's not herpes, what is it? Wrong Diagnosis.. A page with some of the other possibilities.

The University of Washington Virology Research Clinic Homepage.  Western Blot test info Here

Western Blot tests and how to get one done at U of W.   Thanks to CL, Rattus and Nancy. See THIS  for newest information

www.herpesdiagnosis.com A good source for information about diagnosing herpes.

STD testing in the UK (London)  Same day STD testing

A picture of a classic OB just getting a good start. From one of our participants.

Details on the HSV testing provided through HealthCheckUSA.

Westover Heights Clinic Terri Warren's clinic in Portland, Or. See the Free Herpes Handbook they offer.

Medical Education Pages of interest

Comprehensive article on herpes from eMedicine Thanks to dlpegasus.

BH's lecture notes and slides on herpes for medical students

"The Diagnosis and Management of Genital Herpes: The Silent Epidemic" 
An online course for medical persons, prepared by Gary A. Richwald, MD, MPH; 
Terri J. Warren, RN, MSEd, MSN, ANP 

General Links to other Herpes Sites

Go Ask Alice. A classic information site. This link is the page about sexual health. scroll down to herpes.

Good Virus - Bad Virus  One of the classic pages about herpes

The International Herpes Management Forum, IHMF

Herpes Alliance, associated with IHMF  An interesting site with an international outlook

A Movie showing how the herpes virus works - credit to River for finding this.
Note: you will need the Shockwave plug-in for your browser to view this.

Discussion of herpetic Whitlow (Herpes infection of the fingers.)

Dermatology picture page from John's Hopkins including some herpes pictures. -OR- Click here for herpes page

Pictures, genital herpes, male These seem fairly "typical" for symptomatic males.

Discussion of Fever sores and canker sores from the US Department of Health

Our Russian Language Counterpart 

www.genitalherpes.com - Novartis

Go Ask Alice Queries on herpes bring up some great articles!

Other Forms of Herpes

Herpes Zoster Eye Infections (Shingles)

Safe Sex

CDC Sex Health Info Center

The Safer Sex Page This is a great page to check out! Lots of great information.

Dr. Ruth!


Acyclovir and Valacyclovir Pregnancy Registries - Information about pregnancy and using anitviral drugs.

Pregnancy with herpes by: Georgia

Herpes and Pregnancy from Herpes.com

Safer Sex can be Fun. Cached article.


Genital Herpes in Men

Legal issues: Thinking of suing someone who gave you herpes? Click here (NY state info.)

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