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Policy statement and Rules of conduct
for the Original Herpes Home Page forums

In order to further HHP goals of assisting people by providing peer support to participants with particular emphasis on those who are newly affected by herpes, the HHP management has established this statement of policy.  Contact HHP management

Information here is in the nature of peer discussion. We aren't claiming to be medical experts, thus the following disclaimer.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here by the HHP, its management and participants constitute just that, opinions. No medical relationship with any participant is established or implied in any way. Each individual's personal doctor is responsible for the medical advice and care of that person.

Privacy: Users Private registration information is not shared with anyone outside the administration of this site. Anything you post on the forums is considered public information since it's in the open on the Internet.

Forum participation rules:

By posting messages on our site, you agree to be bound by these rules.

1. Participants will behave in a civil manner. Individuals who consistently violate our hospitality and ignore the principles spelled out in these rules may be banned from this forum. The determination of what is, and what is not, appropriate will be decided by HHP management and the HHP Advisory Board. Remember that our goal of helping people is not aided by frightening them away.

2. "Netiquette" on HHP:
  a) No personal attacks (provoked or not).
  b) No private arguments or discussions - if a thread becomes "personal",
      it needs to go to e-mail.
  c) No hi-jacking of threads (responding to a thread to start a different
      topic, thereby rendering the original question impotent.)
  d) Discussion regarding religion or politics are very strongly discouraged.
       We have a wide variety of people coming here for support with many
        different personal beliefs.  We wish to respect them all to the extent that we can.
  e) We take mention of suicide very seriously. We are not suicide counselors. If you are
       having self-destructive thoughts please immediately call a
       local or national suicide hotline
  f) Do not use multiple user names.

3. Commercial messages are forbidden in the forums. If someone wishes to advertise anywhere on this site, they must contact forum management and make formal arrangements.


We welcome advertisers, but will be selective about what ads we accept. The site's only source of operating funds is from advertising and the occasional, much appreciated, donation. Contact Rajah via the contact link below if you are interested in advertising with us. Again, advertising on our site does not constitute any recommendation, endorsement, or approval of the product or service being advertised.

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